Winter Newsletter: February 17, 2018

  • Now that we have passed the halfway point of the current school year, the Connecticut Council of Leaders of Mathematics would like to share some important information that should be of interest to all of its members. We hope that those of you who attended our December 15 Focus group event have had the opportunity to reflect upon, discuss, and apply many of the ideas that you encountered there. This conference received very favorable reviews from almost all who attended, and we are in the early stages of planning our fourth annual focus group event in 2018-9. If you haven’t yet seen the notes that our facilitators compiled from each of the sessions of this event, you can find a link to them


  • Speaking of our website, Webmaster Tamara Gloster has done an excellent job coordinating the overhaul of our website. You can visit us at as we are just beginning to add information and resources to the website. You will be able to register for events or review conference notes from previous events and access other websites of value to math leaders through the revamped website.


  • We will be holding one more major event during the current school year. This year’s CCLM Spring Dine/Discuss Dinner will be held in early May and will focus on assessment. More information on this event will be forthcoming.


  • CCLM is looking for members interested in running for the open Treasurer position. If you are interested, please notify me at and I will forward your name to the nominating committee. This position is primarily responsible for collecting, recording, and depositing payments to CCLM and managing our account with People’s United Bank. The Treasurer serves as an ex officio member of our Board of Directors.


  • From Megan Staples, President of AMTEC: The NCTM Regional is coming to Hartford! Due to some changes, their announcement is being posted later than expected. We want to be sure to get the word out. We’d love to have a good showing from Connecticut, and to have the teachers of CT take advantage of this unique opportunity. First and foremost, please consider submitting a proposal. These are due March 1. Visit the NCTM website for details. Second, Lyn Channey is serving as the Chair of the local Volunteer Committee. I (Megan) am serving on the committee as well. Lyn is looking for one more person to help with the committee. The main responsibility of committee members is to recruit volunteers and then to be present to support during the conference. A secondary responsibility is to attend a significant part of the conference to help oversee the volunteer coordination. Conference dates are Thursday – Saturday, October 4 – 6, 2018. Finally, it’s not often we get a regional in our area. The NCTM Regional conference is a great way for teachers, coaches, and others in math education to connect with one another, learn from talented speakers, become aware of new resources and approaches, and build their professional identity and community. Please consider encouraging others to submit proposals. Please also encourage your districts in supporting our CT teachers in taking advantage of this opportunity. Note that there will be no ATOMIC conference next fall due to the Regional.


  • Perhaps the most exciting development in mathematics education this year is the release of a new middle school curriculum from Illustrative Mathematics. The instructional materials are all open source; all you need is a school district email address to register for and access the curriculum and the instructional materials that accompany the curriculum through While the online access to this highly promising curriculum is free, it is recommended that you obtain professional development from Illustrative Mathematics or from someone trained by Illustrative Mathematics to assist in the implementation of this curriculum. The curriculum earn the highest-ever review of a math curriculum by EdReports. I coach several teachers who have begun to use the materials in the past couple of months and the early results are very encouraging. Robin Moore, the K-8 Math Coordinator for Region 6 recently posted a blog article on the Illustrative Mathematics site. A link to this article is here:


  • We will send out another newsletter in mid-March.