Sample UbD units and lessons being developed in Massachusetts using their Race to the Top grant –

CCSS resources from Jordan-Granite Utah Consortium Math –

Tri-State Math Quality Review Rubrics – Use this to judge the quality of your curriculum work –

Council of the Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps –

Inside Mathematics from the Noyce Foundation –

Inside Mathematics is a professional resource for educators passionate about improving students’ mathematics learning and performance. This site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site. Inside Mathematics is aligning its resources with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Here is an interesting website from New Zealand that has some interactive teaching tools.

Dr. Nicki’s Guided Math Blog –

Smarter Balanced, the assessments for CCSS Math –

K-8 math problems –

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Math Units and Lessons: Shell international math

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A link to textbook reviews

Evaluating education technology:

Dan Meyer TED talk.
Follow this up with a visit to his 6-12 blog

Ohio Department of Education

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